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Jonathan Milton

multiple roles


Malcolm: Looks 25 -40; African American male. Business owner. He’s calm, loves jazz & poetry.
Brianna: Looks 25 – 30; African American woman. Business owner. Loves fitness and is a daddy’s girl.
Reggie: Looks 35 – 50; African American male. Cousin to Malcolm. Ladies man and comic relief.
Zoey: Looks 25 – 30; African American woman. Best friend to Brianna. Has no filter when it comes to her words. Comic relief.
Sam: Looks 17; African American male. Works at the coffee shop. Smart mouth and girl crazy.
Bianca: Looks 21 – 30. African American woman. Flirts with Malcolm at Coffee shop
Yasmin: Looks 21 – 30. African American woman. Friend of Bianca at Coffee Shop. Friendly
Alicia: Looks 21 -35. African American woman. Sexy. Girlfriend of Reggie. Friendly and caring
Calvin: Looks 25 – 50. African American male. Handsome and confident. Wants to date Brianna.
Tracy: Looks 21 – 40. Any Race woman. Cashier at Brianna’s store
Poets and Musicians needed to perform in movie.

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