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Sam Ellis

lead roles are for ages 18-33, but supporting roles are for any

Hi I am casting for a low budget feature film, its called Drifter, it mainly revolves around a female character named Maria, she breaks up with her boyfriend, and gets back in touch with an ex-boyfriend named John he tells her he is married now to a woman named Layla but that his wife is friendly so if she needs to stay with him for a few weeks while she gets on her feet that would be ok. She moves in and the three of them form a close friendship. After staying with them for a week she meets a guy named Vince in the city and moves in with him, she then finds out he is married, while they do get along the fact that he lied about being single makes her leave him. She then reconnects with an old friend from her youth named Oliver, they were always friends never romantic. She lives with him for a while and they maintain their friendship, one night he proposes marriage, shes conflicted and tells him she doesn’t know if she is made for conventional relationships.
The film will take 7 days to shoot. Let me know if you are available, the lead roles are for ages 18-33, but supporting roles are for any age. I prefer email contact, also if you like messenger you can use that to get in touch.
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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