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Sam Ellis

male / female 18-45

I am shooting a film and need some actors, All of these listed roles will just require 1 day of shooting. Male and Female needed, flexible on age but generally need 18-45
1) A woman (Kate) is in the early stages of contemplating a divorce with her husband, she reconnects with an old friend (Andrew) who is a comforting presence in her life who tells her not to divorce as it will be too emotionally difficult for her and he also thinks she and her husband can overcome their issues. She finds herself torn though between taking his advice and pursuing a relationship with Andrew, he explains to her though he does terrible in relationships and is more work focused.
2) After being apart for three years, two close friends Michelle and Laura reconnect. Both have had lives that took them in differing places, Michelle’s life has become more stable but also boring as she married a lawyer named Isaac and now just works part time as a secretary. Laura has fun in life, but realizes now that theres no stability as she has just worked as a band manager and spends lots of time on concert tours.
3) Tara and Rick are a couple who have been married for a few years, Tara accuses Rick of having some interest in a co-worker / friend of his named Stephanie. Rick admits that that is true but not to worry as he would never permit himself to act on it out of a moral obligation to her. Tara though feels it shouldn’t just be out of a moral obligation, and that is he wants to do something he can do it, so she will give him 1 week off per year, where he can do what he wants on his own. Rick agrees, but feeling a sense of fairness is necessary tells her he wants her to do whatever she wants as well. The film then jumps ahead 1 week (not showing or explaining anything about what occurred) but just gives the context of Rich and Tara meeting once again at their apartment after having been free to do whatever for a week. Rick confesses that nothing occurred for him during the week, despite his efforts. Tara pauses and tells him she likewise didn’t have anything happen, leaving Rick feeling relieved. Later Tara has a conversation on her balcony with a friend, revealing that she did get involved with someone else.
None of the storylines resolve in any traditional way, its meant to play out like how things do in life, you reconnect or a friend enters your life, then slowly they drift out again for a while.
Let me know if you are interested in working on this. You can messenger me, or email I can also send you my number if you like to text or chat.

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