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Males and Females 20-50's

Hello Go Getters!
Of course by now you know that MegaMind Media has teamed up with Kountry Wayne to produce a new movie this January in Atlanta called “In Love With a Ghost”. Yep! It’s my 14th movie!!
Well we’re hosting an opening casting call this Monday- Dec 13th on Clubhouse for the following 3 roles below:
Here are the three open roles:
LINDSAY, late 20’s, African American, is a flamboyant, cross dressing male ghost, who along with his sister Candice (who is also a ghost), continues to wreak havoc on anyone that comes across his presence. A lover of wearing tutus, Lindsay, has the twerking skills that will put Meghan Thee Stallion out of business, and when dances his way into an unknowingly Chip’s life, Chip must grapple with the fact that he not only was he receiving sexual favors from a ghost… but an unattractive ghost in drag.
CLARENCE, 50’s, African American, is an odd-looking man, who works for the Fastest Moving Van Company and has to deal with Deshawn and his frugal ways.
KANDI, 30’s, Raymond Talbert’s unbothered and ratchet receptionist.
If you are interested and want the information for the open call you must do the following:
Remember open call is December 13!!!

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