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Preston Mango Krämer

stylized Avant-Gard shoot

Model call:
Hey guys!
I’m looking for anyone who would be interested in modeling a stylized Avant-Gard shoot as figure reference, for a series of paintings I am making.
I am a undergrad Fine Arts student at the University of Utah, studying the human figure.
I am looking for a female model with a slimmer build, comfortable with modeling nude. [or topless with skin matching briefs depending on what you are comfortable with]
I am wanting to compose the shoot as close as I can get to my vision and feeling of the conceptual painting. Specifically, I am wanting to capture the raw shapes and form of the human figure in relation to nature.
[i.e, surround by plants, half way covered in sand, wading in water, etc]
I will be taking photos, as well as expired polaroids.
I will send you the photos from the shoot [FTP]
The mood for the shoot is abstract, existential, melancholy, cinematic, hope.
Location for shoot would vary, but it would be around central Utah [Salt Flats, Sand Dunes, Utah Lake, Mountains, Studio, etc]
If you are interested in being apart of this project feel free to pm me a headshot, comment below, etc.
Cheers !nud5 - CallBoard nud4 - CallBoard nud3 - CallBoard nud2 - CallBoard nud1 - CallBoard nud - CallBoard

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