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Hi everyone!
Elias Lara here, just letting you know that I will be in NY from June 26 to July 5. I am planning to do a couple of individual projects, wanna get away from the studios and the lights a for a while and do something outdoors, something more free, personal, but still artistic.
I’ve met fantastic people doing this kind of freestyle sessions all over the world you know, so is always a pleasure keep doing it every time I can.
By the way, I do not care if you are pro model or whatever, I’m doing this cos I really enjoy get away from “professional work stuff” for a bit. If you have any idea in mind, more than welcome, we can talk about it.
And of course, as soon as I finish editing the photos, you will have them to use them as you please.
Now… Is this for free? Yes it is. Why am I doing this? Cos I can, cos I want, I’ll be back for just a couple of days so let’s do some art together again! 😉 📸
Here is my website so you can see a little bit more of my work, my style, etc.
Blessings to you all!

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