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ALL ethnicities MEN&WOMEN

Hello, first hope everyone is well. I’m kind of miffed as if this pandemic couldn’t mess things up more. I’m already to re-start production on my film this weekend when I found out several of my actors have MASS EXODUS NYC and didn’t let me know until yesterday…of all things…. SO this is a casting notice for the roles that are now vacant. The project is called STRANGER DANGER… An action drama t first it will start off as web series then eventually break into feature film. Production is set to begin Aug 29, 30, and either Sept 4-5 or 19-20th in Long Island. Not everyone will be needed all dates and most roles are 1 day and not even a full day. At the beginning there is no pay, this a promo film for purposes of crowdfunding and possible funding sources. Copy, credit, IMDB credit, some food, available. Strong opportunity to become involved in ACTUAL project (web series) Long Island I have access to resources since NY and the boroughs are e still in shutdown mode) COVID guidelines and procedures will be administered.
The following vacant roles to be cast
JAFFE: (Age Late 30’s-40’s) Sarcastic chauvinistic, opportunistic CIA (DCIA) director. Very egotistic, opiniated, thinks he’s a ladies man. Serves his own interests . ALL ethnicities
CATHERINE (Age mid-late 30’s/Early 40’S) Sophisticated respected Deputy Director of Operations. She is kind but authoritative ALL ethnicities
RQ CAIN (Age mid-late 30’S) Notorious sadistic terrorist leader of the group ARES. (Patterned after the Greek God of War) He’s sinister, seductive, very intimidating, a tycoon and fanatic. A good example is Heather Ledger: THE JOKER or HANNIBAL LECTER (Silence of The Lambs) . Soft spoken at times but a firework waiting to go off. Knowledge of Martial Arts is helpful
ALL ethnicities
HERRA (Age mid- late 20’s ) Height 5’9-6’4+ BODY TYPE: (Athletic, Muscular, Full Figured,) She is CAIN’s main girl ( , an Iris3h, Russian, German, Danish Eastern European, Mediterranean accent is helpful. A goddess, and seductive but deadly.. There’s something about her eyes that mesmerizes everyone. She could be a MEDUSA type persona. Knowledge of Martial Arts Helpful. Gymnastics ,Yoga, or Acrobatic skills highly preferred
Caucasian, European, Mediterranean
COLLINS&DERMOTT (Age Late 30’s-50’s) Two senators who work very closely with the president and have a strong dislike for JAFFE.
ALL ethnicities
RAINE WEATHER (Age 13-22) Height 5″8-6″ 3 BODY TYPE: Athletic, full figured, muscular. Considered the “odd one out” by her peers” she was bullied, harassed , till a change of fate gave her a new purpose and meaning in life and the ability to help others. Knowledge of Martial arts is helpful. Gymnastic, acrobatic, athletic, dance skills is preferred
ALL ethnicities
MEN&WOMEN (Ages 18-60) For small roles
These are some photos taken of the project in production BEFORE the SHUTDOWN.

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