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Sam Wolf

males various roles

Hey all! I’m producing a short film that shoots next month and we’re still casting a few roles.
MURPH’S CONCERTO directed by Brandon Garcia
Genre: Fantasy, Dramedy
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Shoot Dates: December 4, 5, 11 & 12
Union Status: *NON-UNION*
Includes Copy, Meal, Credit, & Gas Reimbursement (unpaid)
Logline: An ambitious violinist finds himself trapped inside a documentary about events in his career that haven’t happened. He relentlessly attempts to escape only to discover the true meaning behind his failure.
**All Roles will just require a half day from all actors**
Murph’s Father (Male, 30-50, White, light hair)
Murph’s Father has always been a great father to Murph. He raised Murph by himself, supported Murph’s passion to become a professional violinist, but never pressured him to be perfect. He’s aware of Murph’s harmful high expectations on himself to be perfect and does what he can to remind Murph what matters in life.
Young Murph (Male, 7-10, White, blonde curly hair)
Wide-eyed, joyous yet very competitive. He just enjoys the time he gets to play games with his dad at the beach. He is hard on himself even at a young age for not being perfect.
Violinist (Male, 18-30)
To play a silhouette of Murph playing the violin. Will need to perform an original piece that was written for this short film.

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