Amy Neswald

Males and Females 40-50's

Hi Fellow Theater Folk,
I received a request to pass this information on from a professor at UMF casting a small independent film she’s directing.
If you are interested please contact Amy Neswald directly. This is the extent of my involvement:
My name is Amy Neswald. I am a professor at University of Maine in Farmington. I’m currently in pre-production and casting for a narrative short film to be shot late this summer and after reading your impressive bio on the UMaine, Orono website, I wanted to reach out to see if you might have any recommendations for strong Maine-based actors. The roles I’m looking for are listed below.
This project is scheduled to be a four day shoot, though contingent on schedules and location availability, those days may or may not be continuous. Aside from the lead role, Thomas who will be needed the entire shooting schedule, we foresee a single day’s shoot in Farmington (with a possible day for pick-ups) and will reimburse actors for their travel with a small stipend.
Just a bit about the team:
I am an award-winning short filmmaker and screenwriter who is now teaching at UMF. I also have a collection of short stories due out this winter. Though I’ve mostly focused on animated shorts these past few years, I’m very excited to work on a narrative film project. My shorts have been shown nationally and internationally, most notably at Cannes in the short film corner and at the Sidewalk Film Festival.
Dawn Nye, cinematographer and producer, is also a nationally and internationally screened digital artist with a current focus on mini-documentaries. Dawn teaches in the art department at UMF as the New Media Art professor.
With us are two student producers: Vini Dube and Drew Monteith.
Character descriptions are below.
Thomas – handsome, worn down, late forties – early fifties, an alcoholic who believes he’s in recovery because all he drinks is Andre champagne. A Raymond Carver type of character. Nevertheless, he’s charismatic in a quiet way.
Donna – Thomas’ ex-wife. Frazzled, faded beauty, tired, but kind. Mid to late forties/ early fifties. A recovering alcoholic, she worries about her ex-husband and she is a recovering alcoholic. She doesn’t love Thomas in those ways, anymore, but maybe a little of her body remembers.
Richard – a busy body, confident on the outside, yet truly lonely and seeking connection and affirmation. Mid to late forties. His loneliness smells a little of desperation. He can’t understand that Thomas likes being lonely.
We’re also looking for a few smaller parts as well.

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