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Native American Men

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“He Who Wears the Deer Pelt” (working title), a feature-length film set in the 1830s in the Western United States, during the birth of the Indian Removal Act. Seeking submissions from Native American actors by birth.
Synopsis: The feature follows the urban legend of a strong, mysterious Native American warrior, Thunder Hoof (name is subject to change). Below his muscular and large exterior, his hidden love for botany, nature, and life drives him forward. When called on by his tribe and Chief, Thunder Hoof must put aside his subdued love to protect those in his tribe from American colonists soldiers who are trying to take their land and expand west. Following the themes of masculinity, honor, and struggle, this modern-day western epic strives to bring a new light to the Native American struggle during the Indian Removal Act. Roughly the first 15-25 minutes of the feature will be shot.
Date/Location: Shooting in the Rocky Mountain West in late summer/early fall.
Hennion Productions | Chapter 02
Matthew Hennion, dir.-prod.-writer; Chris Angelis, writer-prod.; Chapter 02, prods.

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