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Trill Noel

Making Domestic Abuse Documentary. SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN!


“A mother of two was abused for years until he finally abandoned her. During his stay he did not support her financially and abused her while she worked to take care of 2 kids and him- bussing tables for tips and $3 hour. One day he choked her while she held her firstborn. She finally stood up for herself at that moment. He was unemployed and abandoned her. Soon she lost everything including the trailer she worked so hard to put them in and became homeless. She also lost her job. She slept outside with her children next to a public pool. He didnt take the kids and moved in with his mom. She eventually dropped them to his house after a cycle of staying with random men who had motives of their own… Relapsed. Attacked him one day and got a charge for it.
Finally, with nothing left to support her in this world, the state ready to take her kids, and a crime record- she overdosed. She told a friend she wanted to end it all before this point but no one listened because she had been “crying wolf boo hoo hoo” (his insensitive words when used to argue that he was the victim in all of this). Immediately after she died, instead of taking the kids, he gave them away to Foster care. Then talked about wanting to f*** her in the afterlife. Each instance above was documented on social media.”

Now he is fighting to gain custody and still unemployed. He continually blames her daily on facebook just like he did while she was alive. I have evidence of everything. Her friends have come forward in support of my message. Now I just need your help. I wish to make her story more than her passing. She was cremated.

Her sister passed away 2 weeks later. The family is devastated but what happens if this monster gets the kids and continues telling them mommy was crazy? Daddy was the victim. Because of the things your mom did daddy hasnt been able to work in 6 years. Because of your mom, daddy lives with his mom. Because of your mom daddy isnt what he fantasizes about being right now.

No charges can be pressed because there is no victim?

(I am making a documentary and these images tell her story. I need video submissions of those who WERE ABLE TO SURVIVE willing to speak for THOSE THAT DIDNT.)

? 2mins – 10mins
? An item of significance to your survival or struggle. Painting, tattoo, bracelet, bumper sticker etc. A single photo may be submitted in place of this. Could be of yourself showing evidence or a bumper sticker. Just mention it in your videos ending.
? Your face will be displayed. We can use a fake name for anonymity. I want your abuse brought to light. No longer hidden in the shadows.
? Video may be in any environment. Could be walking and talking, could be in a place you feel safe, could be with a candle in your hand.
? Please know that your message will be used for the good of womankind everywhere.

My name is Trill Noel. My credentials.
Digital engineer
9 years of experience.
Masters Degree

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