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Damyon Grace

male and female

I hate to do this, but many do.
Non-union. No pay. IMDB credit and footage for your reel.
TITLE: Nelson’s Home
GENRE: comedy/horror
LENGTH: 7 minutes
FILMING DATE: TBD based on availability of home, actor’s schedule and after my camera arrives (late September)
LOCATION: Carlsbad, CA
Nelson: late 20’s to 45. An advertising executive. Must be able to physically transform on screen. Turning red. Sweating. Ability to express extreme terror. Non-speaking
Wife: late 20’s to late 30’s. A total shrew. A Beverly Hills housewife wannabe. Must have a shrill scream on the verge of demonic.
Nelson filming will be 2 hours maximum. Wife is mostly voice over and 20 minutes of filming. Actors do not appear on screen together and do not have to be filmed same day.
My writing does not often give actors the ability to use their talents to the extreme, but this is your moment to shine.

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