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Now Casting – Livestream “FRIGHT NIGHT” 35th Fan-niversary Event!

On Sunday, August 2, 2020, The Rage of the Stage Players will livestream a reading of the official stage play adaptation of Tom Holland’s 1985 vampire classic, “FRIGHT NIGHT”. This will mark the 35th Anniversary of the film’s release, to the very day. The play, which was incredibly well-received by both die-hard fans and those new to the film, celebrated its world premiere in October of 2018, and this dramatized reading will mark the first time that the piece has been made available to fans who, for one reason or another, couldn’t be a part of the moment that we welcomed audiences to “‘FRIGHT NIGHT’…for real.”

The Rage of the Stage Players are a not-for-profit fringe theatre company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who specialize in dark, alternative fare. As this will be a livestream reading, that eliminates any geographical issues when it comes to casting. The right actors could easily be on the far side of the globe. Just be sure you have an adequate streaming set-up before you consider applying.

At present we are casting the following roles…


AMY PETERSEN: A 17-year-old, all-American teen, both pretty and sweet. She is the girlfriend of the stories protagonist, Charley Brewster.

“EVIL” ED THOMPSON: A creepy, 17-year-old “loser” with a laugh that could cut glass. “Evil” Ed’s fixation on the macabre (horror films in particular) coupled with his quirky behavior, have left him a teenage outcast whom, for these reasons, his peers have dubbed him “Evil” Ed. Despite being a loner, he still has one friend, Charley Brewster, who, in regard to horror, is a kindred spirit.


The actors needn’t be the actual ages stated above, but we would prefer that they have a comparable appearance to those ages. Our readings are a bit more elaborate, visually, than a flat script-read.

Please note that this event is intended to be a fun endeavor to celebrate the love and support of “FRIGHT NIGHT” fans everywhere. It will not be monetized in any way, and all participants are contributing their time and talent on a voluntary basis. The project has the full support and approval of Mr. Holland himself, and there may well be a few additional surprises in store.

The last day in the submission period will be June 5, 2020.

Any questions may also be directed to the email address above. We do hope that this stokes interest in all of the horror fans out there—especially those of 80’s horror! If you’d like to see more from our original stage production, please visit:


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