Linda Wielkotz

Males and Females 20+

Auditions will be held for The Fair Lawn Recreation Department’s Old Library Theatre’s 11th Annual One Act Festival on Sunday, Nov. 28, 1-3pm and Tuesday, Nov. 30, 6:30-8:30pm. Auditions and performances will be held at The George Frey Center for Arts and Recreation, 10-10 20th St. Fair Lawn, NJ. 4 performances will be presented the weekend of Jan.21, 2022. Sides will be provided. Vaccinations are required to be cast.
The 5 plays to presented are
A man reminisces about his first Yankees game at the original stadium with his dad and dad’s best friend written by Irwin Hahn directed by Lisa Dascoli
cast – males
In town to attend his grandmother’s funeral, 13 year old Caden instead finds himself looking after her grandmother-the great-great grandmother he barely knows.He feels overwhelmed and out of his depth, but as the two explore common ground during her lucid moments, he soon starts growing into the role of caregiver. written by Loretta Bolger Wish directed by Ed Bialkin
cast – Granny June -age 101
Rob -Her great-grandson in his late thirties
Caden – 13 year old great -great grandson
Two hapless customers must confront a disgruntled employee when a late-night visit to a pancake restaurant goes awry. written by Jane M. Lee directed by Elizabeth Fahsbender
Cast Brenda 30-50’s hostess, apathetic about her job
Gloria 30’s-50’s customer
Martin 30-50’s customer
Stanley and Morris are preparing to sign the deal of a lifetime with buckaroo bigwig “Cowboy Chuck”, a notoriously shrewd businessman straight from the Lone Star State. So why did Stanley pick today of all days to add a feminine touch to his business suit?
written by Robb Willoughby directed by Jessa Blackthorne (AUDITIONING ON SUNDAY ONLY)
cast – Morris high strung
Stanley -very chill
Cowboy Chuck -personality as big as Texas
When a young woman dies an apparently accidental death, a detective probes for the truth and reveals that no one is whom he or she claims to be written by Thomas Piccin directed by Sheryl Heffernan Winkler
Cast Jon 20-40’s Catherine’s husband. Handsome , self assured,arrogant
Catherine -20-40’s Sympathetic, quiet, accommodating. Maybe naive or maybe she prefers to think the best of people.
Detective Burton -Woman, 30-50’s Comes across as harmless,friendly, slow witted, but maybe smarter than she looks

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