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ages of 8 and 19

shrek - CallBoard

“Once upon a time, there was a little ogre named Shrek….” And thus begins the tale of an unlikely hero who finds himself on a life-changing journey alongside a wisecracking Donkey and a feisty princess who resists her rescue. Throw in a short-tempered bad guy, a cookie with an attitude, and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you’ve got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there’s one on hand… and his name is Shrek.

All those between the ages of 8 and 19 are invited to try out for this hilarious tale! Auditions will be held April 4th from 10-12 & 2-4 and April 5th from 10-12 Please be prepared to sing approximately 1 minute of any musical theatre song. You will also be asked to cold read a scene from the show during auditions.

Rehearsals will begin in May. They will mostly take place on weeknights with weekend rehearsals as needed.

Performances will be Fridays-Sundays from July 17th to July 26th. There will be an extra Saturday matinee performance on both weekends.

Director: Drew Hoffpauir
Assistant Directors: Parrish Vienne & Dana Noel
Choreographer: Cailin Trahan
Stage Manager: Malani Hoffpauir

Roles (Vocal ranges shown in parentheses)

Shrek (A2 – G#4) A big, green, terrifying ogre who lives on a swamp.
Donkey (C3 – B4) Easily frightened and pushy, but also an optimist with heart.
Lord Farquaad (B2 – D5) Self-absorbed, lonely and cruel. (May be cast as female if needed)
Pinocchio (E3 – F#4) Plenty of sass with a penchant for lying. (May be cast as female if needed)

Fiona (F3 – G5) Quirky, blunt, and multitalented, she is not an ordinary princess.
Dragon (F3 – Eb5) Imposing and flirtatious, but tired of her job as the glorified babysitter.
Gingy (B3 – C#5) His wit and resolution help him both avoid trouble and inspire the other fairytale creatures.

Either Gender
Ensemble – Fairytale Creatures (Big Bad Wolf, Three Little Pigs, White Rabbit, Fairy Godmother, Peter Pan, Wicked Witch, Ugly Duckling, Three Bears, Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty, Elf, Dwarf, Three Blind Mice); Angry Mob; Happy People; Guards; Knights; Rats

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