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Actors Ensemble of Berkeley
Online-only Auditions for our Summer 2020 Shows
“Fortinbras” & “The Imaginary Invalid”

Thank you for your interest in Actors Ensemble of Berkeley’s Summer 2020 Productions.

We are hopeful that by July and August the Codiv 19 Pandemic Safety Measures will enable us to rehearse and perform safely. With this in mind we have decided to move to an online audition process. Prospective actors are encouraged to submit a video audition anytime between now and midnight Monday, May 4th, 2020.

We encourage both theatre veterans (Non AEA) and newcomers to audition – if this is your first time – write us and we will help you through the process. A.E. is an entirely volunteer company, though actors do receive a portion of performance donations in alignment with AB5. Refreshments (hot dogs (veggie and regular), corn-on-the-cob, and bottled water) provided free to the cast during the performances. We regularly cast cross-gender and cross-type, and we actively seek folks of all ages, races, genders, and persuasions to audition. Ages and Genders specified below are characteristics of the role, not necessarily of the actor playing the role.

Summer 2020 Show Information:

by Lee Blessing
Directed by Michael R. Cohen
Opens Friday, July 3rd,
Performances Sat/Sun Called at 3 p.m.
July 4th – July 19th
Rehearsals June
Note: Possibility Fortinbras performances moving to September 12th -September 27th for Covid-19 precautions.

“The Imaginary Invalid”
By Moliere
Adapted/ Directed by Meryn MacDougall
Performances Sat/Sun called at 3 p.m.
August 22nd – September 6th
plus Labor Day, September 7th
Rehearsals July- August

Fortinbras is the story of what happened after Hamlet – the sequel, if you prefer. In the story, Fortinbras has been granted via Hamlet’s dying words the key to the kingdom of Denmark. Upon arriving and being told the story of lust, betrayal, murder, suicide, and just plain old dithering, Fortinbras decides this story won’t do for his plan to consolidate his power, and orders Horatio and his underlings to make up a new, better, more noble and palatable story as to how he obtained his position. The ghosts of “Hamlet” come back to haunt Fortinbras, in order to force him to let the truth be told. A humorous tale, but one with a real message for our times – the importance of the TRUTH!

“The Imaginary Invalid”
Argan, rich and the head of his family, is a hypochondriac. He is being taken advantage of by his Private Care Doctor (who uses Argan’s illness to siphon as much money as possible) and his second wife (who is trying to scheme to inherit everything for herself). Trapped and influenced by these two forces, Argan forbids his daughter from marrying the man she loves, instead marrying her off to his Doctor’s son in an attempt for free health care. Argan cannot see who truly has his best interests at heart. Angelique, his daughter, is the one person who loves Argan unconditionally. Beralde, his brother, is an advocate for accessible public health care and mental health especially when it comes to Argan’s health. Finally, Toinette, the sassy family maid, who is the only wise person in the house and (in true Commedia dell’arte form) manipulates every character and situation to produce the play’s happy ending. This play is a non-stop farce, and has high energy


Hamlet (Prince of Denmark) Age range 20 – 40
Osric (member of the Danish Court) age range 20-80
Horatio (friend of Hamlet). age range 20 – 40
English Ambassador age range 30 – 100
Fortinbras (Prince of Norway) age range 30 – 55
Captain of the Norwegian Army age range 25 – 70
Marcellus (a sentinel) age range 18 – 60
Barnardo (a sentinel) age range 18 – 60
First Maiden age range 18 – 40
Second maiden age range 18- 40
Polonius age range (Ophelia’s father) 50+
Ophelia (Polonius’ daughter) age range 20 – 40
Claudius (King of Denmark) age range 50+
Gertrude (Queen of Denmark) age range 45 – 70
Laertes (Polonius’ son) age range 20 – 45

“The Imaginary Invalid”
Argan: Imaginary Invalid. Older male
Operator 1: No Requirement
Operator 2: No Requirement
Toinette: Maid. Female, No Age
Beline: 2nd wife/ spouse. No Requirements
Angelique: Argan’s Daughter. Female, younger
Beralde: Argan’s Sibling
Cleante: Angelique’s Love
Mr. Diaforius: Older male
Thomas Diaforius: Younger Male
Bonnefoi: Notary No/Req
(some characters double cast)

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