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Peter Ollsen


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(Houston, TX)
You can audition any type of character you choose, or we can build a character around your strengths. So there is room for great collaboration and creativity!
This production is an on going comedy product line that takes a documentary view inside the inner workings of The Houston Film Production Club, an entertainment film organization. In this rendition, the gang ventures across The United States to all the major ammusement parks in The U.S., and then craziness unfolds. The production is shot with scripted scenes, and is intertwined with reality style pranks. So it’s structured like a Sasha Baron Cohen film, like “Bruno” or “Borat.”
It’s unpaid, but get all expenses paid trips to various mega ammusement parks around the United States. We stay in the best accommodations, eat the very best food, and drink the very best beverages! Plus get into all the different events that these amusement parks have to offer. It’s truly the adventure of a lifetime!
Auditions: Friday September 10th at 6:45 pm in the Houston area.
Shoot schedule: Sept 25th all day, Oct 29th – Nov 1st
To apply, please send at least four pictures of yourself, a paragraph about yourself and why you want to join us for this production, and a contact phone number Please put “Open Casting Call FB” in the subject line or your email will not be opened.
Thanks and looking forward in having an amazing film making experience with you all!

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