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Brandi Smith

multiple roles

One Day Sober
Tagline: Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.
Logline: With Valerie’s luck quickly dissipating the young addict has to look herself in the eyes and make her hardest decision yet.
Director: Shae Walker
Film Date: July 24th – 26th
Valerie (20s) has struggled with addiction since she was sixteen. After overdosing and being revived by EMT, she goes to an AA meeting but still struggles with admitting to herself that there is a problem but by opening up she sees the truth. It all starts with one day sober. Paid position.
V is Valerie’s inner demon who drives her into reckless behavior. She tells Valerie daily that she is alone, she always has been and always will be. She will die alone. And if no one else cares about her, then why should she. So why not have some fun on the way out?
Emily (40s) is a recovering alcoholic who tells it as it is. She has seen it all and knows the trials and joys of sobriety and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Andy (30s) has successfully navigated sobriety and wants to help others. He runs an AA meeting at the community center and encourages others to be vulnerable

Older Man (50s) has been in and out of AA for a long time. He falls off the wagon, hits rock bottom and starts over at one day sober again and again.
EMT has a passion for saving lives and works hard to make sure no one dies on her watch.
Nurse: He’s a “mean nurse” with a heart of gold. He doesn’t take any nonsense and will make you follow directions but only because he cares about his patients.

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