Yvonne Bass

multiple roles

Production: Short Film
Title: Ghosted
Logline: Frustrated with the dating world, Franki realizes that the men she’s been dating haven’t been ghosting her, but have died shortly after their date with her.
Shooting Location: Clearfield/Midvale
Shooting Date: July 17 & 18
Max (caucasian, early 20s) – Franki’s cool and humorous younger brother.
Chris (any ethnicity, 20-30) – Franki’s date and unintentional victim. A small stunt will be performed in this role, so stunt experience is preferred but not required. We will have a stunt coordinator on set to ensure safety.
Aiden (any ethnicity, 20-30) – Franki’s experimental date to see if who she goes on a date with really does die. A misogynistic criminal, and overall douchebag.
Please email with a headshot and resume if interested, and sides will be sent in return. In trade, I am willing to offer any services that will help you further your acting career (i.e. writing personalized monologues, editing actor reels, etc.) .” I always help out those who help me, and ensure we create something that we are both proud to share.”

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