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Brent Von Horn

3 adult roles

OPEN CASTING for “CARROTS” — a short film contest that will result in a (quarantine made) film. Details:

This should be really fun, and keep us sharp while stuck in quarantine. I’ve posted the above casting notice on various FaceBook pages, and dozens of actors have responded from around the country. I’m sending the script to everyone interested, asking that they self-tape themselves doing one of the roles — or all of the roles.  There are 3 characters, but they could be any sorts. Not young kids, since the subject matter includes jail and suicide, but I have sent the script to a few skilled teenagers.
They are all “meaty” characters, from an acting point of view. Two characters (the patients) are calling in on a computer ZOOM meeting, so they should be filmed from one camera position — relatively easy to self tape. The other character (the doctor) will be harder to film, because the film is set in his house: he moves around, uses props, and different camera angles would be desirable — much harder to film.
I know it is strange to ask people to film the role, without committing to them that I will use the footage. I hope you don’t see this as a waste of time. The whole script is only 5 pages, so think of this as an acting exercise or audition, if you’d like. I know some auditions give out sides much longer than 5 pages!
I plan on playing the doctor, but I will use another’s footage if better. (I’m happy to be “writer” and “director” only on this one.)
It will be interesting to see what I get back, if anything. If I get nothing, then I will strongarm a couple of my local actor friends to get the film done. But I really hope this becomes something much bigger that we all can have fun doing.
As I write this it is May 12 (feels like day 3,000 of the quarantine!) and I first posted this a few days ago. I’m encouraged that about 40 people have already asked for the script. I will allow until June 15 for people to send me their footage. It’s already scheduled for the Sigmund Freud Film Competition, and I will put it into other festivals, too, as well as list it on IMDb.
I’m actually making 2 films!
What, you say, a second film? I am hoping to get many submissions for each role. The best for each character will be used to make the film. But then I also want to use the other footage in a “making of” film, presuming that I get enough submissions.
Please remember to slate yourself. Always a good idea, and I can include the slates in the making of film. As for format, 1080 HD is good, but please no 4K or higher; my poor computer can’t handle it.
So to all, email me if you want the script, and:  Break a leg!
Love ya!
~Brent  (“Nautic Von Horn” on IMDb)
email: [email protected]

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