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Geo Niki

various roles

Now taking submissions for an original zoom play with LBGT+ themes to take place on Oct 2nd. DMs PMs and MESSAGES will disqualify you.

Actors should be willing to commit to 2 – 3 rehearsals a week.

Filming will take place in your home but the action will move around and you will use your own mobil device.


Avery- Early 20s, nonbinary, queer, they/them
Avery is a nonbinary college student, also a moderately successful Instagram
influencer. Avery and Oliver have been friends for a long time. Avery is
well-spoken, intuitive, and grounded.

Oliver- Early 20s, cis man, queer, he/him
Oliver is a college student who spends a lot of time debating conservatives on
social media. Oliver and Avery have been friends for a long time, but Oliver is
starting to develop romantic feelings for them. Oliver is passionate and studious,
but tends to ramble.

Morgan -Early 20s, any gender, any sexuality, any pronouns
Morgan is a classmate of Oliver and Avery. Morgan knows both of them well,
and cares for them with big mom friend energy. Morgan is responsible, sarcastic,
and lives for the drama.

Professor- Mid 30s to older, any gender, any sexuality, any pronouns
Professor Waldman teaches the Classical Mythology course that Oliver, Avery,
and Morgan are currently enrolled in. Waldman is kind and helpful, but
ill-equipped to help with the events of the play.

Prometheus- (VOICE OVER) Any age, any gender, any sexuality, they/them
Prometheus is a Twitter account created by Oliver and Avery that gains autonomy
and a will of their own.

Time 2020, during quarantine
Place Anywhere in America
Note: This show is written to be performed in Zoom

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