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Ovation Theatre Company

Males and Females 11-60

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Come be a part of Ovation’s spring plays! We are seeking actors ages 11 to 60.
Coming February – March 2022: Masked | Ages 15-60 | Auditions Jan. 8 | Tom has never fully grieved a devastating loss he suffered a decade ago, and his wife Julie is only recently coming to terms with some unspeakable trauma from her past. Meanwhile, their teenage daughter Bristol is fighting the relentless pressure of social media, and their other daughter Chelsea has found her soulmate, but the pandemic threatens to keep them apart. Distressing news sends one family member into a downward trajectory that might take them all down. Help is always out there — but will it be found in time to prevent a tragedy?
Coming April 1-2, 2022: Cut | Ages 11-18 | Auditions Jan. 15 | A group of actors rehearses a play within a play within a play. As the plot complications multiply, the actors begin to forget who is playing whom and who is the real director — as opposed to the actor who is playing the director, or the actor playing an actor playing the director. Settings and scenes swing wildly until the hopeless thespians struggle to distinguish between their characters and who they really are. A comically confounding vignette that blurs the lines between the real world and the world of the stage.

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