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Crisana Speer

Males and Females 18-70

Film Location: Wenham, Mass.
Rate: Unpaid
Project Name: Painting the Stars
Project type: Feature Film
Project Description:
Sailors in the times before technology and GPS would use the stars to navigate along the treacherous oceans, much like 18-year-old Nova Brooks uses the stars to navigate the intimidating transition to college. The stars have been their main source of comfort and consistency through the trying times their homophobic hometown in Alabama brought upon them. Then, they quite literally run into Charlotte Collins, but most people know her as Charlie. All of a sudden, Nova’s life plan has been thrown off course. Throughout a roller coaster of emotions, Nova and Charlie learn the value of love, loss, and the importance of pursuing what you want before it’s gone. Will the two overcome the challenges life has to offer, or will they break?
Character descriptions down below!
Casting needs:
Nova Essie Brooks: (Age Range 18-25, Race: Mixed)
DO NOT SUBMIT FOR NOVA IF YOU ARE NOT PLUS SIZED. Please keep in mind Nova is a nonbinary person in a queer relationship. If you are uncomfortable portraying either topic, do not submit for this role.
Nova Essie Brooks is a 18-year-old teenager who enjoys watching YouTube videos, Astronomy, and Photography. They are very bright and inspiring, but can also be insecure and stubborn. They are a nonbinary, gay American Christian. They just graduated from high school and are now attending college in Boston working towards their bachelors in Astronomy. Physically, they are in pretty good shape. They are overweight, but healthy. Nova is mixed racially. They were raised in a happy family home in Alabama in a middle class neighborhood with two loving parents. Nova’s best friend is Jade Elizabeth Stewart, which they met during Freshman Orientation and instantly clicked with. Nova is very passionate about certain aspects of their life, and many of these passions influence their actions. Nova feels their feelings very deeply, so the actor must be able to emote well on screen.
Charlotte (Charlie) Felicity Collins: (Age Range: 18-25, Race: African American)
Please keep in mind that Charlie is in a queer relationship. If you do not feel comfortable portraying this topic, do not submit for this role.
Charlotte (Charlie) Felicity Collins is a 20-year-old young adult who is a Junior at Lucridge University who enjoys painting, listening to vinyl records, and gardening. She is very sweet and engaging, but can also be insecure and impulsive. She is a gay American Christian. She is working towards her bachelors in art and design, and hopes to pursue a graduate degree shortly after. Physically, she is in good shape. She is underweight after undergoing an eating disorder, but she is in recovery. She was raised in a happy household with 2 parents who we never met. Charlie has a steady friend group consisting of Lilly, Dee, and Cecille. Charlie has a very “go get ’em” attitude, and when things don’t go as she intends, it can make her act somewhat irrationally.
Jade Elizabeth Stewart: (Age Range: 18-25, Race: White)
Jade Elizabeth Stewart is an 18 year old girl from New York who enjoys knitting, sewing and singing. She is currently recording a demo reel to send to agents. She wants to become the next Taylor Swift, but she thinks that she won’t be able to make it that far. She is hard working, and persistent, but can also be manipulative and jealous. She is an American Christian. She is studying American Sign Language in her free time, but mainly focuses on her major. She is majoring in Music and is hoping to get a B.F.A. before moving to Nashville. She befriends Nova, but her motives soon turn antagonistic. She was raised in a loving home until she came out as being bi. Her parents soon kicked her out. She then found a youth homeless center where she stayed until moving to Boston and applying to Lucridge on a full ride scholarship. Jade is very loyal to those she trusts, and has a sense of entitlement to protect those she loves. While this is great, she often looses sight of her boundaries with other people, leading her to take actions that many do not understand.
Professor Vasil Ali: (Age Range: 55-70, Race: Eastern European/Middle Eastern)
Vasil Ali is a 61-year-old professor of astronomy who enjoys football, writing and meditation. He is intelligent and creative, but can also be very rude and a bit impatient. He is of Turkish decent but grew up in Maryland. He has a postgraduate degree in astronomy. Physically, Vasil is in good shape. He is short with olive skin, grey hair and black eyes. He grew up in a middle class neighborhood. He was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents. He is currently married to Alexia Hana Wilkins. Alexia is the same age as him and works as an electrician. Because he has no children of his own, Vasil treats those he mentors as his own children. He is very protective of those he loves and will always try to teach life lessons wherever he can.
Ruth Grace Brooks: (Age Range: 45-60 Race: White)
Ruth Grace Brooks is a 55 year old woman married to Malik Adam Brooks, mother to Sean James Brooks and Nova Essie Brooks. She enjoys watching Friends, cooking, and doing puzzles. She is understanding and compassionate, but can also be stoic and hard on her kids. She is a straight American Protestant, who converted when she was in her 20s at a Young Adult convention. She is a white woman with brown hair and brown eyes. Physically, she is in pretty good shape. She is a bit overweight, but overall healthy. She was raised by a single father, so sometimes motherhood comes hard to her since she did not have a good role model. She is friends with Susan and Lucille, whom she met at a women’s retreat in the early 90s.
Malik Adam Brooks: (Age Range: 45-60, Race: Any other than White)
Malik Adam Brooks is a 57 year old man married to Ruth Grace Brooks, father to Sean James Brooks and Nova Essie Brooks. He enjoys playing football with a group of friends on the weekends, coding, and watching bad sci-fi movies. He is caring and supportive, but can be strict and out of control at times. He is an American Christian who converted in his 30’s from agnosticism after attending an Easter Service. He is an Arab man with olive skin and brown eyes. He is in good shape with an athletic build, as he played football in college. He was raised in California by two loving parents and went to school at Berkeley to study computer science. He now does technician work at a local Apple Store. Because of this, he always pushes his kids to be the best version of themselves they can be, and supports all their dreams because his parents supported him. He is friends with Tom (Susan’s Husband) and Henry, who he knows from playing football on the weekends.
Sean James Brooks: (Age Range: 18-22, Race: Mixed)
Sean James Brooks is a 15 year old boy who is the son of Malik and Ruth Brooks. He enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, and writing poetry. He is smart and kind, but is socially awkward and cares too much about what other people think. He is an American Christian. He is mixed with tan skin and brown eyes. He is in good shape, with a lean build. He aspires to work at Nintendo in Japan, so he is currently studying Japanese. He looks up to his older sibling and wants to be just like them. He is friends with Jackson, who lives in the UK, Sancha, who lives in Australia, and Max, who lives in California. He met them through a D and D campaign he ran.
Also seeking extras!

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