• New Media
  • Buffalo, Ny
  • June 21, 2021

Collin, Arend

Males and Females 20-50

Non-Union Shoot. Covid Compliant Production.
Filming in the greater Buffalo and Rochester areas.
Dates: Weekends from late August to late November.
Compensation: Unpaid, however gas reimbursement can be negotiated.
– Eryn. Male/Female. 20s-40s. Elven leader of the Paladin order. Role includes elf ear prosthetics and colored contacts. Up to 4 days of shooting.
– Bastian. Male. 20s-40s. Rogue Paladin on the run. Role includes sword combat. Up to 6 days of shooting.
– Shadow Agents (Extras). Male/Female. 20s-30s. Dark servants of the Shadow Cult. Will involve wearing helmets. 1 day of shooting.
– Paladins (Extras). Male/Female. 20s-50s. Warrior monks that serve the goddess of light. 1 day of shooting.

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