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  • Houston
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Kenya Kay S. Matthews

multiple roles


I’m working on a passion music video/narrated-based video project in Houston (See cast description below)

Unpaid however actors will receive exposure through my social media posts and the post of the production company that is filming this.
Each actor will also get their own project reel that they can use for their portfolio which will include behind the scenes footage and a sit-down interview

Meals will be provided as well

Project will be shot July 19th. Please DM with any questions! Thank you!

Cast Description:
Male 1: Black male, mid 20`s/early 30`s, pretty boy, taller than 5`6-AVAILABLE
Male 2: Black male, 30`s, average build-CASTED
Man 3: Hispanic, early 30`s or 40`s, thick build, hair -CASTED
Female 1: Black,20`s or 30`s, slim/average build-AVAILABLE
Female 2: Black, 20`s or 30`-AVAILABLE
Female 3: Hispanic, early 30`s or 40`s -CASTED
Child: Hispanic, boy or girl, age 6-9-CASTED

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