Emrys Merlin

physically fit actresses to play evil wood nymphs

Looking to cast physically fit actresses to play evil wood nymphs in a feature film to be shot at the end of this June, 2021, in the woods in Lawrenceville, GA. Scenes will only take one day to film. This is a fantasy/horror movie that will be entered into several film festivals. Non-union. Nonpaid.
Some of the wood nymphs will be walking upright, and some will be drawing around in the ground like female versions of Gollum. Actresses must be able to convey menace or insanity with a simple gaze of the eyes and some inhuman, guttural sounds.
Actresses will be scantily-clad, with makeup painted on them to make them look inhuman. Depending on the comfort level of the actresses, nudity will be implied, but not outright seen.
Email Please specify if you would rather walk upright, or crawl around in the woods like a crazed female Gollum.

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