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Jared Smedley

male and female African American

Hey everyone! So the time has come to where I’m ready to shoot the start of my Pilot TV series 🙏
I’m looking for Actors for August 27th and/or September 10th filming in San Francisco and Sacramento.
A total of 3 scenes. Of the 3 scenes, one of the dates is still TBD
While I do have the whole pilot written out, I will be starting by shooting the sizzle reel 1st and establishing a market plan to roll out this promo for an independent release.
*Trigger warning
The content of this show may be sensitive for some (subject matter and derogatory slurs).
It is a story of how the modern day “Black Wall Street” would look.
The name of the show “The Black Dollar”
Throughout the show it will cover black business, racism, economic plights, hatred within our own culture, interracial relationships and more.
I’m sorry as this is an unpaid opportunity but I promise it will be a great experience and something good to be apart of. If this doesn’t fit your bill I totally understand. Majority of the funds for this project will be put into the rollout/marketing plan needed to make this sizzle reel a success and obtain a proper buzz independently with hopes of filming the rest of the season.
Also, In future hopes for everyone to benifit monetarily 🙏.
Looking for; (ages may vary/im open)
3 x African American Males
1 x African American Female
Simulated Protest Scene / Date TBD
5-10 – Caucasian Male and Females
*one of these Males playing a vital role and the rest Extras
2-5 – African American Male and Females

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