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Players of the Stage

Males and Females 14-18

Players of the Stage is holding auditions for Moliere’s The Miser on January 14th from 7:00 – 9:00. The auditions are open to actors 14 through 18. Interested actors can request a five minute slot during which they will perform a three minute monologue, either from The Miser or another play.
The Miser is a hilarious play about a horrible father with a greedy disposition and how his two children seek to outwit him in order to find freedom and love. The cast of characters are:
Harpagon, the miser and father to Cléante and Élise, in love with Marianne.
Cléante, Harpagon’s son, in love with Marianne.
Valère, son to Anselme, in love with Élise.
Anselme, father to Valère and Marianne.
Master Simon, broker.
Master Jacques, cook and coachman to Harpagon.
La Flèche, valet to Cléante.
Brindavoine, and La Merluche, lackeys to Harpagon.
A Magistrate and his Clerk.
Élise, daughter to Harpagon.
Marianne, daughter to Anselme.
Frosine, an intriguing woman.
Mistress Claude, servant to Harpagon.
Rehearsals will be held throughout April with performances happening April 28th, 29th, and 30th.

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