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Playhouse 615

Males and Females 20-60's

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Playhouse 615 will hold auditions for the William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore farce, “Love, Sex, and the IRS” on Saturday, March 5 from 2-4 p.m. and Sunday, March 6 from 6-8p.m. at the theatre, 11920 Lebanon Road.
Director, Ann Street-Kavanagh.
All roles available: five men and three women:
Jon Trachtman (male, 20s/30s) – a musician and appears to be a smart, savvy guy. He is engaged to Kate and best friends and roommates with Leslie.
Leslie Arthur (male, 20s/30s) – also a musician in the band with Jon. Charming, intelligent, and nervous. Having an affair with Jon’s fiancé, Kate, while also being in a relationship with the bubbly Connie. Also appears dressed in drag.
Kate Dennis (female, 20s/30s) – Jon’s fiancé. Smart and aggressive.
Mr. Jansen (male, 40s – 60s) – extremely nosy landlord in Jon and Leslie’s building. Rude, crude, drunk, cranky, and bitter. Slovenly and very Brooklyn.
Floyd Spinner (male, presenting as 40s – 60s) – IRS Agent. No nonsense, straight-laced, desperate to be liked.
Vivian Trachtman (female, 40s – 60s) – Jon’s extremely conservative and straight-laced Mother (until she drinks). Country club bluenose type.
Connie (female, 20s – 30s) Leslie’s girlfriend. Bubbly and emotional. Talks fast, essentially without breathing.
Arnold Grunion (male, 30 – 70) – an intense man in a trench coat, shady, shifty, pot-head. He is a “Fixer”.
Cold readings from the script. All ethnicities encouraged to audition.
Performances are Friday and Saturday night, Sunday afternoon. April 22 through May 8.
Please bring proof of fully vaccinated status; masks required.

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