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Delbra Brown

Caucasian Males 10+

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Casting Call for a documentary titled
Poppa was a rolling stone.
Written by Author, Playwright: Delbra Brown a descendant of the character
Based on her publication We Are Family – Our Story narrated in our Ancestors Voices
(4-6) White men age 35+
(1) 10-teen White Boy
This story is a pre/post slavery documentary of my great grandfather’s family. Slaves living in Barbour/Bullock County Alabama who was able to pass for white.
The Scenes I need to fill
Scene 1 – Slave Master’s son visits the slave family after church and the young children play act church until his father’s visits the slave family to read to them the scriptures.
Scene 7 – A Hanging in the center of Town
An African American man cheats with another’s man’s wife who is a quadroon (3 parts white, 1 part black). The two men get into a scuffle and one ends up dead, while the other is hanged for his crimes. In need of men for the scene, a sheriff and the hangman.
Imagine trying to create these powerful scenes
In Rochester, New York, in 2021 but we have some amazing
actors, actresses, and people willing to do what is needed to help someone bring their passion to life.
I just need 5 amazing people willing to join the crew.
The scenes will be done on location or via green screen after September 2021. Thank you in advance

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