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Jacob Staley

need two great and hardworking actors

Hello! My name is Jacob Staley, and I am a Junior Film B.F.A. Candidate at WKU. I am producing a Film this Fall and need two great and hardworking actors. Below, you can find the logline and the character’s background.
A curious young boy breaks a supernatural snow globe, setting off a massive blizzard, and accidentally spilling his grandmother’s oldest secret.
EVAN (Male, 9-14), is a curious young boy who is desperate for some fun. The type to rather ask for forgiveness than permission. Bold and inquisitive but apologetic. Gets easily annoyed with, but loves and respects his grandmother.
GRANDMA (Female, 60-90) cares deeply for her grandson and provides everything for his well being. She’s an unsuspecting mystical woman who used to practice natural witchcraft and spirituality. She must be completely transparent and tranquil with her grandson when her deepest secret mistakenly comes to light. A firm but fair guardian.
We will be shooting on September 27th, and will be taking extra precautions during these chaotic times. More details about all of this can be discussed during the audition.
The director and I are willing to pay for travel and some food. I will send a message about auditions soon, but I will say, even if you do not get the part for this movie, another classmate of mine could reach out and have you act in their film. So please please audition.

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