• Commercial
  • Van Nuys
  • October 17, 2020

Sue Scaduto

various roles

CASTING: for a non-union PSA on human trafficking. This is a passion project for Kristie Austin. See her website www.kristieaustin.wordpress.com
This is unpaid job (for now, we are fundraising) and you will have footage for your reel, professional crew, makeup, craft services.
It’s one day in Van Nuys on 10/17/20.
Here’s the breakdown:
DEVIN- 5-7 year old boy on a bike- CAST
STEPHANIE- Younger teenager: young and innocent, right at the perfect age where they can be 16 or 18 but more than likely 15, slim to athletic build open to all races, female to play a runaway seduced by a sex trafficking recruiter.
BECCA- Older Teenager: she has been groomed to be a recruiter and is good at it. Looks alike she is about the same age as the younger girl, but she isn’t. She’s older and wiser. Slim to athletic build female 18+ to play younger.
ZACH- Male driver: mid to late 20’s dude, dude, looking at him you know he’s a douche. Works out and wears the latest designer clothes. Has to be good looking enough to get young girls to be infatuated with him. Uses his looks for bad.
DICK- Business man- older man with a balding spot, we will never see his face, want hands that show age, but not rough, has to be soft like a guy that has always had a cushy office job. 60-75 years old. We can age hands with sfx.
NURSE BETTY- Nurse: 30-50 years old open to all races, female. CAST
SCARED KIDS: Mixed ages and races. CAST.

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