• Short Film
  • Minnesota
  • July 1, 2021

Crazy Angel Films

Males and Females 18-23

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Casting for a psychological horror short film. This is an unpaid project filming in Austin Minnesota. The purpose of this project is to be submitted to several film festivals within the next year. This is a one-night shoot looking to film at the end of this month or July.
Plot: The Wraith is a mysterious and malevolent entity that enables the darkness that lies within the human psyche.
ALEX – Female(19-23) – Lead – After walking in on her best friend covered in blood, Alex needs to navigate the situation trying to piece together what happened. Looking for an actress who can cry and bring raw emotion on command.
BROTHER – Male(18-20) – A flashback shows Alex’s traumatizing past with her brother. Looking for a young male actor who can perform a creepy and unsettling role.
The Wraith – ANY – Looking for a tall and very slim individual to embody The Wraith. This role does not include any lines so much of the performance is through physicality.

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