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Taylor Ready

female early 20's-early 30's

Project Title: “Radiant” Music Video
Shoot Date: TBD; aiming by the end of April – will take 1-2 days to shoot
Location: El Cajon/Santee
Compensation: I’m so sorry that I cannot provide any pay on this project, but talent will receive copy, credit, and food will be provided on set.
Female – early 20’s/early30’s
Medium length – long hair (color doesn’t matter)
Small – medium build
This video is about mental health and how it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or what you are like on the surface, poor mental health can affect anyone at anytime.
Our MC has a seemingly perfect life on social media. She’s beautiful and sweet and amazingly bubbly when people meet her and hang out with her. But what everyone doesn’t know and doesn’t see is she struggles with crippling social anxiety that sometimes gets so bad, it leaves her unable to leave her room for days or sometimes weeks at a time.
I’m looking for someone who has experience/is comfortable with dramatic physical acting without dialogue. There’s no dialogue in this video, so being able to portray the MC’s emotions through the body and facial expressions is very important.
Asking talent to provide own wardrobe. We can discuss what you have and what we’re looking for in detail the closer we get to the shoot date!
Additional Details:
This short film will not only be uploaded to Youtube, but we are also entering it into a short film contest that will be judged by working professionals in LA and all over. So there is an opportunity for exposure!

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