Red Skillet Productions

Males and Females 18-55

RED SKILLET PRODUCTIONS, creators of COVENANT LAW, is casting for their Halloween play, TO DIE FOR MANDY, to be performed in Charleston and Columbia.
Casting for the role:
VARGAS (Hispanic Male, 35 -55). Racketter, hitman, nean, but alway cracking jokes, manager of the Chinese resturant Stage Combat/fight with swords.
YIN (Asian Male/Female 18-25), Works in the Chinese resturant, Mentally disturbed, but turns into a strong minded vampire. Stage Combat/Fight with swords.
LARGO (African American Male, 30-40), Hitman, violent with a heart, Hiding out in the Chinese resturant as a busboy. Stage Combat. No swords. Does handle prop gun.
JOKTAN (Any Ethnicities, 25 – 35) Sexy, brooding Vampire, running for his life in the Chinese resturant. Stage combat/fight with swords.
MARTA, ( Caucasian Female, 21- 40), Christian, virgin, determined, works as waitress in the Chinese Resturant.
DULE (Any Ethnicity, ageless). Slim, Strange-Sexy, Killer, 1,000 year of vampire wanting to kill everyone in the Chinese Resturant who betrayed him. This Character has one line, “ARE YOU PURE” Stage Combat/fighting with swords.

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