• Film
  • Short Film
  • Helper / Provo
  • July 31, 2021

Katie Mae Jones

multiple roles

“Relic” short film
Compensation- TBD (but admittedly minimal. 😭🤦‍♀️ Willing to also trade talent for talent)
Dates: HOPEFULLY two half days sometime in the last two weeks of September (trying to solidify scheduling with location)
Location: possibly Helper, UT, but also possibly Provo, UT 😅
Elderly Woman: 60-70 ish. Caucasian. Light brown, white, or silver hair. Woman from a small town that has accepted the fate she believes the small town created for her. Her look is raw and unpolished, yet small town charmed. (See pictures for vibes)
Young Man (doubles as 60’s young man): Black or biracial. 30 ish. Handsome, with a warm smile. Shorter hair preferred for styling purposes. (See pictures for vibes)
Spouse: 30 ish. Any ethnicity. Open to any gender on the spectrum. They don’t have a polished look. Suburban vibe. Empathetic spouse to Young Man.
Send an email for audition sides and directions. Auditions will be open until I find the right actors for this moving short film.

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