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Bandeja Munir

3 men and 2 women for a 3 minute romantic comedy

Casting for 3 men and 2 women for a 3 minute romantic comedy set primarily on a company call on “Zoom”
Shooting Date: This Saturday – May 2nd
GA local hire only
Location Atlanta,
*Non leads will not need to be on set*
*******This is a nonunion student film with no monetary compensation. Copy, credit and meals provided *****
JUSTIN (male 24-30)(lead)
Attractive, “cool guy”, who is secrectly a dorky mathlete in love with Lauren.
LAUREN (female 24-28)(lead)
Sweet, funny girl who is a hopeless romantic, but too passive to do anything about it.
DAVID (male 27-35)
Friendly company manager who just wants the best for the company.
KELLY (female 25-33)
Serious HR rep, who is convinced that people the world will end if people don’t stay 6ft away from each other.
BRANDON (male 25-35)
Outgoing, funny international affairs rep who is extremely unprofessional.

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