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Kyla Eve Atkin

multiple roles

Casting call❗️
This is for season 2 of a small Tiktok series I have been doing, the first season got around 34k views on my Tiktok account. And this season we are going for bigger, this is NOT paid. The series is about a young girl named Ruby Lane, who was based off of someone in R.L Stine’s movies and books “Fear Street.”
Location: TBD
Here is everybody that is available:
Young Ruby Lane: Brown hair, around the age of 10-13
Young Denise: Brown hair, glasses, around the age of 10-13
Denise’s mom: Dark hair, must be old enough to be a mother
Charlie’s dad: needs to look like a father
Extras: needs children and adults that look young enough to play teenagers in a school

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