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Chuck Dent

multiple roles

PRT is seeking 21 actors for this year’s NATIVE VOICES production, which will be performed Dec. 10-12 at the Marshall Ellis Theatre.
Auditions will be held from 7 to 10pm on August 31st and Sept. 1st at The Kitty Beautiful, 360 State Lane, Orlando. Street parking is available nearby.
Please sign up for an audition time slot by clicking on
All roles are unpaid. While PRT will do its best to maintain a clean safe environment, you acknowledge that any participation in auditions, rehearsals and performances is at your own risk due to the continuing pandemic.
THE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT by Bethany Dickens, directed by Pamela Belitch
Jamie, Any Gender, Late 20s-40s
Eli, Any Gender, Late 20s-40s
A couple discovers that maybe they aren’t completely compatible — or are they?
RESERVATIONS by Katie Thayer, directed by Ericka Sines
MYRNA (F, 20s-30s, white)
GWEN (F, any age, any race, the guardian of the status quo) a server
Myrna discovers the menu is sometimes not too appetizing.
UBER-EXPOSURE by Tony Pelham, directed by Jessica Munro
Jane: Late 20s to 40s. Female. Dressed in hipster style, with blue jeans.
Driver: 30s to 60s. Male. Speaks with a heavy Russian accent.
Wisdom and truth can come from the most unexpected of places.
RUNNING IN THEIR VEINS by David Strauss, directed by Chuck Dent
DOUG late 20s
CHARLIE – mid/late 50s, his father
A father and son have a very difficult reunion.
HOT SOX by Tracey Jane, directed by Deb Scorzato
KITTY (female) The questioner.
BEAU (male) The wit.
SOLID (female) The voice of convention, ingrained in traditional beliefs.
SWEAT (male) The jock. Not the brightest sock in the drawer.
A very soxy group of socks struggle with the existential realities of their lives.
SUNNY by Jodi Antenor, directed by Gary Norris
Daniel: 50’s, M
Sunny: Late teens – Early 20’s, F
A father and daughter connect over their family history.
PUZZLE PIECE by Ken Preuss, directed by Annie Lovelock
CASEY: Male or Female. Partner of BLAKE. Puzzle fanatic.
BLAKE: Male or Female. Partner of CASEY.
REESE: Male or Female. Partner of DEVIN. Puzzle fanatic.
DEVIN: Male or Female. Partner of REESE. Frustrated with REESE’s focus.
Two couples simultaneously grapple with the pieces of their relationships.
SCARECROW written and directed by Chuck Dent
Miller, 40s, stout, big man, an American militia leader
Adams, late 30s, early 40, also a rather large man, Miller’s friend and also in the militia
A Hispanic male corpse
Two militia members at the US-Mexico border make a terrible discovery and have to make an even more terrible decision.

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