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Amanda Clark

seeking actors of Chinese ethnicity

BCT is currently seeking actors of Chinese ethnicity for their project in connection with the City of Beaverton’s Welcoming Week taking place in September. All cast and crew roles are volunteer (non-union) for this project – no one is paid. Most characters filming sessions will be under 2-hours. Food will not be available keeping in mind safety precautions. Please see an overview of the project and filming precautions below. Specifics and additional details can be provided over email. Actors will receive a copy of the final video. 
About The Project: Nearly every culture has its version of “the Cinderella story” – a young girl who rises from “rags to riches” with the aid of a magical spirit. Though the journey and tone may differ in each, ultimately, we feel comforted seeing that good truly does triumph over evil in the end. Our hope with this project is for audiences to explore “the Cinderella story” through multiple cultural lenses side-by-side, leading to an appreciation of the history and tradition that makes each unique, as well as the thematic bonds that connect them together. We are currently partnered with various organizations in the Beaverton area to bring this project to life!
Rehearsals/Filming & Safety: In order to keep everyone safe, rehearsals and filming will only consist of one actor, the director, the project manager, and the cinematographer. The space will be sanitized between filming sessions. Physical distancing will be in place throughout the process, and masks will be used when appropriate. It is of the utmost importance that everyone involved in this process feels safe!
Do I need to have prior performing experience to volunteer as an actor for this project? No! Beaverton Civic Theatre is a community theatre and loves to work with people of all skill levels. All actors will express the story through movement/dance and a narrator will be telling the story, so there will be nothing to memorize. This can be a great opportunity if you are interested in exploring performing for the first time.

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