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Phillip Wright

multiple roles

My name is Phillip Wright and I am seeking an elite team of people to help with a major episodic series production I would like to do on UCF’s campus. The name of the production is “Perfection”. Below you will find a brief synopsis of the series.
When a social media popular college friend group decides to participate in the campus presidential election they become face to face with a Narcacistic candidate who vows to make their lives miserable out of pure envy and wrath. Love triangles, Drugs, Closeted People, Rape, and a secret porn model are just a few of what makes this show perfectly entertaining.
This production discusses how no one’s life is perfect and just how far some people are willing to go to hide their secrets to appear acceptable to society and how far people are willing to go to become what they believe is their perfect self.
If you would like to participate in this production please shoot me your contact information by emailing . Right now a CREW is PARAMOUNT.

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