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‎Russell Lee Gummelt‎

Witch (female, appears mid 20s)

Howdy, friends! Seeking to fill one role in a short film on the weekend of September 26/27. It’s a minimal dialogue, medieval fantasy adaptation of the folk song “The Witch of the Westmoreland” by Archie Fisher.

A mortally wounded knight crawls off the battlefield to hunt down his only hope of survival, a mysterious witch who dwells by a wooded lake.

Knight (male, mid 20s) (role filled)
Young, wide-eyed knight looking death in the face and trying desperately to defy it.

Witch (female, appears mid 20s)
An elegantly feral, alluring, comforting, ethereal figure.

Looking to fill the witch role. DM me for sides for a video submission.

Thank you much!

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