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Sydney Relihan

Males and Females 18+

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Hello! My name is Sydney Relihan, and I am a PMA honors thesis student looking for extras to play funeral attendees for my thesis TV pilot this weekend! The project is titled SEX SHOP:
Left a sex store by her recently deceased uncle, asexual Zora teams up to run it with her asexual aromantic best friend Ember. Problem is, it’s a front for the mob.
SEX SHOP is a 1/2 hour dark comedy pilot exploring topics including romantic and sexual orientation, mental health, and family and friend relationships. The show follows this team of four of the most unlikely sex shop owners as they simultaneously navigate their own personal challenges and their new lives working as a mob front.
While I will have a handful of student extras, it would be wonderful to have extras of other ages in attendance. The schedule is as follows:
Friday 2/25: about 1-5pm (plus we are hoping a for a few people during the scene we’ll shoot 11am-1pm). This scene is of the actual funeral, and you will just have to listen to the eulogy, and react to a few things that happen in the scene.
Saturday 2/26: about 11am-2pm. These are scenes hanging about at the post-funeral reception. We’d especially like to have a few men to play suspicious mob members.
Sunday 2/27: about 11am-2pm. The same sort of thing as Saturday.
If you were able to attend part of a day, that could potentially work if I have some warning! There’s no expectation that you would need to attend all three of the shoots, though some overlap could be helpful if you are able to.
Food will be provided. All you would need to bring is yourself in funeral-appropriate attire. You may be asked to take a Covid Rapid Test upon arrival.

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