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Gurie Sheffield Jr.

multiple roles

shift - CallBoard
SHIFT series
Season 1
8 Episodes
(Non-Union, no pay)
IMDB credits, stream pitching, pilot episode premiere event and press interviews/coverage
Table Read July 10th @ Downtown Dallas
Filming starts July 31st thru mid September [possibly sooner]
Filming will occur mostly weekends
TINA: AA Female
Best Friend of Tisha, who is the sister of the lead character Ace. Between 19-21 years old. Can be older as long as she looks the part. Sassy, Independent, and Stylish.
JUAN: Hispanic/Latin 18-28yr (open on age)
Hispanic (EXTRA) younger / older brother of neighbor Victor that lives across the street from Brenda. Ace’s mother.
CAM: Open Ethnicity 20-35yr Male
Neighborhood drug dealer. Flashy. Runner for Black & Rocco.
FROST: Open Ethnicity 25-35yr Male
Dealer/ Sneaky & don’t mind getting his hands dirty.
WINTER: Open Ethnicity 20-30yr Female
Stripper. Ex side chick of Ace. Information seeker.
DEJA: Open Ethnicity Female
(14-16 yrs of age) can be older as long as she looks the part. Promiscuous young girl that lives in the same neighborhood of Tina.
LISA: AA 40-50yr Female (Improv)
Mother of Rocco who died of a drug overdose when Rocco was younger. This role will consist of a small improv arguing back and forth with boyfriend when he catches her doing drugs for the second time. He decides to leave and she doesn’t want him to.

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