• Short Film
  • Wisconsin
  • December 30, 2021

Logan O'Leary

Males and Females 20's

This is a passion project, no real budget. Looking for actors who are open to an unpaid project. Meals will be paid for.
Two best friends who find themselves unexpectedly single decide to live together, in hopes that one another’s company will distract them from the pain and struggle of dealing with the end of their relationships.
JOSH (early 20s, male, any ethnicity)
Charly’s best friend/roommate. Recovering from a breakup. Trying to distract himself from thinking about it. Blames Olivia for the end of the relationship.
CHARLY (early 20s, female, any ethnicity)
Josh’s best friend/roommate. Her fiance passed away unexpectedly. Trying to distract herself from thinking about it.
OLIVIA (early 20s, female, any ethnicity)
Josh’s ex-girlfriend. Blames Josh for the end of the relationship.
GREG (early 20s, male, any ethnicity) – NO LINES
Charly’s fiancé, only appears in flashback scenes.
-All 3 characters have emotional scenes, crying involved.
-Two shots in which Josh and Charly kiss.
-Multiple shots in which Josh and Charly lie in bed next to each other (not sexual).
-SCHEDULE: Right now looking to shoot sometime in January or February. Aiming to shoot everything within one weekend, which will be coordinated between the actors and myself. If any reshoots are necessary, they will also be coordinated with actors.
-LOCATION: All shooting locations will be in the Green Bay area.

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