• Short Film
  • Hampton, Va
  • Applications have closed

Larry Jr. Pigatt

Males and Females 20-35

Hello everyone I wanted to let everyone know that we going to be starting back filming the short film beach day and we are looking for actors
Beach day casting call unpaid nonunion
Sun Lee :
Height: Any range
Age early 30
Sun is a very serious and goal driven. Once she sets her mind to a goal she is obsessed with it. She is Larry’s love interest who he meets at the beach. It later turns out she is the one narrating the story.
Height: Any range
Age: early 20’s
Young… outgoing… smartass
African American
Mark-Lisa’s Date
White male…
Age: mid 20’s
Serenity is young and fit Yoga Instructor who’s Trinity’s friend and having a class at the beach she shows asia a couple of moves before joining the party.
Height: Any range
Age: early 20’s
Recbecca’s boyfriend who is a young and cocky man. During the party he ends up get possessed by a wrathful spirit and kills everyone including himself.

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