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Sandy Tom Farley

various roles

[posting for a local student film-maker]
Hi! My name is Gabriel – I’m a Junior at Woodside High School. I’m making a short film for my college applications (and possibly a few film festivals) and I’m looking for people to fill 4 roles. It’s a 10 minute psychological horror which willtake 2-3 days to shoot.
Food will be provided. Here are the available roles:
The Subject (Lead) – Female, Early 20s, Peppy, Upbeat; Nervous Undertone
The Man (Supporting) – Late 20s, Early 30s, The Subject’s Father; Intimidating, Angry, Menacing
The Woman (Supporting) – Late 20s, Early 30s, The Subject’s Mother; Serious, Unkind, Unconcerned with anyone else but herself
The Child (Supporting) – Female 15-17, A younger version of The SubjectFocused, Determined; Tries to fit into the world, but is constantly rejected
Dates for rehearsal and shooting are TBD, but will be between March 26 and April 3. 

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