• Short Film
  • Hartford, Ct
  • Applications have closed

Manuel Saldana

Females 25-35

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Hello everyone! This is a Non-Union volunteer casting call for my next short film, “Happy Belated” that will be filmed in Hartford, CT. Looking for two female actors in thier mid 20’s to early 30’s for a very small supportive role. The Character’s I’m casting here have a short conversation with the protagonist Tariana and basically talk about how much they hate their job and their boss. It’s a pretty comedic scene. Though this is a volunteering role, it is worth it! You will only have to come in one of the days of shooting and you will be there for about half the day (As long as nothing goes terribly wrong lol). You will also be in the movie poster. This film is a comedic drama and it will be released online so you can use it for your reel. As for an IMDB page, I’ll have to work on that once the film is completely done. Shooting August 7th – 8th and 14th and 15th. Thank you for taking time to check it out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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