• Short Film
  • Boston, Ma
  • Applications have closed

Ari Turalba

Asian Males and Females 20's

CASTING CALL – Highball Apart Short Film
April 4th and 5th.
Boston Area.
Unpaid. Non-SAG.
Min is a failed writer and stay-at-home husband struggling with alcoholism and feelings of being left behind in life. After meeting two old friends at a reunion, the three go to a dim sum restaurant that they used to frequent in college. As the three attempts to reconnect, hidden resentments and conflict arise.
  • Min (Male, mid-20s, Asian)
    An alcoholic, stay-at-home husband who’s given up on his dreams of writing for television.
    Reconnecting with his old college friends, Reiss and Anna, elicit his repressed feelings of being left behind and abandoned.
  • Anna (Female, mid-20s, Asian)
    A successful television staff writer who’s grown up with immense privilege and connections.
    Anna takes pride in her work and, mistakenly to a degree, attributes her success to solely hard work and talent.
  • Reiss (Male, mid-20s, Asian)
    A barista trying to make ends meet, while attempting to realize his dreams of working in film.
    Despite his lack of success, Reiss is content in his self-sufficient nature and the way he perseveres toward seemingly impossible ends.
Diversity Statement:
Although we are mostly looking for Asian and/or Asian-American identifying persons, with an age-range in mind, we are committed to being inclusive and advocating diversity.
Our mission is to attract the highest talent with no discrimination based on age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, body type, and ability. We want to support and celebrate all creatives without reservation. We encourage and wish to maintain a safe space for all expressions of diversity and inclusivity.

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