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Casting Call for Short film: ‘Ophelia’
Non-Union, Shoot dates: Aug 9-11 (tentative)

Synopsis: On her prom night, a trans feminine high school senior, Ophelia, gets a chance to change her life and get back at her bullies upon finding a large sum of money that they’ve mistakenly left behind. What Ophelia doesn’t know, however, is who exactly this money belongs to and a small act of revenge will send Ophelia spiraling into a night of life and death.
Roles Needed: (Casting for Ophelia is strongly encouraged as we still haven’t found anyone at the moment!)
Ophelia (Lead): Trans female, 16-22
17. Trans feminine. Was kicked out of her parents’ house for it. Confident with a cool, nonchalant exterior. Ready to leave the past behind her and start her future on her own terms.
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel
Nick (Supporting): Male, 18-22
18. Popular student with something of a heart. Planning the prom after-party. Buckles under pressure, ego is high when nothing is wrong.
Casey (Supporting): 20-26
17. Alpha complex. Arrogant jock type. Popular in the way male extroverts are. Planning the prom after-party. Likely peaking in high school and still riding that high.
Jess (Supporting): 20-26
24. White. Graduate art student. Caring and compassionate, assuming she gets something out of it as well.
Denzel (Supporting): 35-45
40s. Impatient and short-tempered. The type of plug you have to travel to. Doesn’t go outside without his gun and a pack of cigarettes.

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